Indigo Blue White Pale Blue Abstract Painting 'Rockpool' 60 x 90 cms Original Australian Art

$800.00 AUD

An original painting in tones of Indigo, White and Pale Blue this gorgeously detailed artwork is a riot of beautiful line work and botanical detail. Created by Australian Artist Rebecca Coulter and measuring 60 x 90 cms or or 23 x 35 inches, It's a quality artwork painted with artist grade acrylic paint on a stretched canvas frame. It is ready to hang but also light enough for a picture rail support if that's more your style, perfect for small spaces, a sideboard vignette or  eye catching leaning up against a wall surrounded by treasures. It would also look absolutely stunning grouped with other pieces in a gallery wall display. It is varnished for protection so you can love it for many years to come.  

How is a beautiful home created? By surrounding yourself with the things that make your heart sing. If this piece makes your heart sing then I made it for you. It's yours. Original Artworks are much more than just a pretty picture because they reflect your individual taste and style. They were made for one person only. They're a gorgeous exchange between someone who rearranges beauty and someone who wants beautiful things in their life. It's a cycle. By choosing to own something unique, a Patron enables the Artist to go on to create something beautiful for the next person who wants that in their life. And it just keeps rolling. It's so much more than just a pretty picture.

Your beautiful new artwork will be arrive via Australia Post. It's very reliable and safe. Tracking is included. 

Rockpool is the story of the pull of the outward flowing tide on the plant life anchored to rocks in tidal pools. So often, to my eye, organic forms are repeated in nature above and below the ocean's surface; the ancient ginko leaf so similar in form to coral fans growing on the reef, the tapered ends of gum leaves and clumped seedpods reflected in the forms of seaweed fronds populating rockpools. Whilst I never start a painting with intention of what it will be, by the time the work is complete- there is a story and it's usually about the sea.

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