Rebecca Coulter

'enjoy meeting people that are delighted to discover a  painting that reflects them as much as the artist that created it. Making the artwork is only the first step. It hasn't realised it's purpose until it's in the home of the person that it belongs to.  I love the look on a person's face when they find this unexpected something they didn't know they were looking for. It's a cycle too. By choosing to own something unique, these wonderful people that love my paintings enable me to go on to create something for the next person who wants that kind of beauty in their life.' - Rebecca Coulter
Rebecca Coulter's Paintings, Illustrations and 3D artworks are influenced by her love of our Ocean and the Australian Coast.

Rebecca Coulter's Paintings, Illustrations and 3D artworks are influenced by her love of the ocean; its creatures and plants as well as its otherworldly nature once you get below the surface.

The Watercolour artworks take inspiration from the gorgeous traditions of botanical and scientific styles of Illustration, but with more regard for colour and imagination than a fully realistic portrayal of the Marine life depicted.
Ultramarine Octopus Watercolour Illustration by Rebecca Coulter

She loves the fact that the same forms are found replicated over and over again in nature.

In recent works beautiful tranquil greens and blues dominate the palette of the larger scale paintings, which start out completely abstract, but nearly always resolve as an evocation of an imaginary underwater grotto.  
Blue Pink white and yellow magical realism underwater reef painting created by Rebecca Coulter

The decorative tiles and the barnacle clusters are made of paper and are as intriguing to touch as they are to look upon. 

They are designed and hand formed by Rebecca. Beautiful objects, they are perfect for small spaces and look equally fantastic in vignettes.

Rebecca exhibited her artworks at the Decor and Design Show in Melbourne and was 1 of 17 stands selected from the 200+ exhibitors to be featured on the Trend Tour Walk ran by International Trend Forecasters Scarlet Opus.

 Victoria Redshaw of Scarlet Opus discussing the work of Rebecca Coulter during the Trend Walk Tour of the 2015 Decor and Design show in Melbourne Australia
image courtesy of @thejollyfisher 

At that show Rebecca met fellow exhibitors Gav and Waz from 'The Block' which led to an invitation to create 24 exclusive works over 4 collections for the The Designer Boys, Australia's premium wholesaler of unique artworks to interior designers, decorators, hotels & resorts, property developers and specialty retailers. 

Careel Bay Shell Collection from Designer Boys Art captured in situ by Leaving with Style
image of Designer Boys Careel Bay Shell Collection captured Insitu by Leaving with Style

Rebecca and her family reside not far from the the ocean within the idyllic surrounds of South Gippsland, Australia.  

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