Rebecca Coulter

Rebecca Coulter's Paintings, Illustrations and 3D artworks are influenced by her love of our Ocean and the Australian Coast.
Hi I'm Bec,
I wrote a big word salad about how I love what I do and why it's important. Then I deleted it. I'll try to make it brief. 
I paint because l feel most like myself when I'm doing it. Making beautiful things feels like the most correct thing I can do. When people respond to and fall in love with what I have made, so much so that they buy it from me, that feels like I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Making other people feel good in this way, whilst experiencing that feeling of being on exactly the right's right. A Perfect fit. And now, I'll retreat to the third person. Read on!

Rebecca Coulter's artworks are influenced by her love of the Coast and the Ocean; its creatures and plants as well as its otherworldly nature once you get below the surface.

The Watercolour artworks take inspiration from the gorgeous traditions of botanical and scientific styles of Illustration, but with more regard for colour and imagination than a fully realistic portrayal of the Marine life depicted.
Ultramarine Octopus Watercolour Illustration by Rebecca Coulter
The Portholes and Woodblocks are the result of delving deeper into the beauty that Wildflowers have in abundance. Every design is a meditation on how incredible Mother Nature comes up with such weird and wonderful blooms.  Beautiful objects, they are perfect for small spaces and look equally fantastic in vignettes.

 In recent works beautiful tranquil greens and blues dominate the palette of the larger scale paintings, which start out completely abstract, but nearly always resolve as an evocation of an imaginary underwater grotto. 

Blue Pink white and yellow magical realism underwater reef painting created by Rebecca Coulter

Beck and her family reside not far from the the ocean within the idyllic surrounds of South Gippsland, Australia, where inspiration is never too hard to find.  

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