Waratah Flowers Woodblock Painting Blue White 25x35cms No 14

$175.00 AUD

Waratah wildflower woodblock artwork, every gorgeous detail captured in timeless Indigo blue and white.

These one of a kind beauties are gorgeous contemporary wildflower artworks that look fantastic by themselves or in a gallery wall style vignette. Inspired by the Unconventional elegance of waratahs, this gorgeous bouquet design is painted on a navy blue timber surface, with all the exquisite details captured in white ink.

So, what's a woodblock painting?
The woodblocks are lightweight archival timber panels, measuring 25 x 35 cms.  Just like a canvas painting except that its wood instead of fabric.  Once the process of preparing the woodblock is complete a bouquet inspired by Australian Wildflowers is created on the surface by the laborious but totally meditative process of picking out details with white ink. When each one of a kind artwork is complete the painting is then sealed and prepared for life in a home where flowers never die. 

Each artwork is an original piece, created with love from scratch by Australian artist Rebecca Coulter.
You can hang your gorgeous new artwork with an adhesive backed hook that won't damage your walls. You can purchase them at any supermarket or hardware store.

When will I get it?

Orders are posted every Tuesday and Friday via Australia Post. 

This one is sold, will you make me another?

One a piece is sold, it's gone. The good news is that I release new collections as often as I can, so there's still a chance you can get one that you love. You have to be quick though, as each collection is made up of just a few pieces. (They take a long time to create.) The best way to get one is to get the email telling you when a collection will be released. You can get on the list by clicking the link below. One your'e on the list you get to shop first so there's a better chance you won't miss out. Good luck! x