Large Abstract Painting Turquoise Magenta Indigo 91 x91cms 36x36 inches 'Octopods'

$900.00 AUD

Whilst mostly inspired by the beautiful egg clutches of a Female Octopus, this painting also reflects my admiration for echeveria, which is a gorgeous lettuce-like variety of succulents.
‘Octopods’ is another recent edition to the Underwater Love Collection. Created with dreamy turquoise greens, deep shibori blues and beautiful Magenta pinks it's an original Australian Contemporary Artwork that will bring a tranquil vibe to any room in your home.

How is a beautiful home created? By surrounding yourself with the things that make your heart sing. If this piece makes your heart sing then I made it for you. It's yours. Original Artworks are so much more than just a pretty picture because they reflect your individual taste and style as well as fostering an important aspect of community in a big world- small and meaningful exchanges between people.

Original Artworks are a gorgeous exchange between someone who rearranges beauty and someone who wants beautiful things in their life. It's a cycle. By choosing to own something unique, a Patron enables the Artist to go on to create something beautiful for the next person who wants that in their life. And it just keeps rolling. It's so much more than just a pretty picture.

This painting was created on a stretched canvas frame using artist grade quality acrylic paint. It's a large painting measuring 91x91 cms or 36x36 inches, so it's perfect for over a bed, above your sofa, or a conversation starter near the dining table. It would look sensational leaning up against a wall that needs a bit of style and colour to bring it to life, surrounded by some of your treasures. It's ready to hang but also light enough for a picture rail support if that's more your style. It is varnished for protection so it can be the object of envy for your friends for many years to come.

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