Blue Green Yellow white Abstract Painting Inspired by the Great Barrier Reef 105 x 76 cms 41 x 30 inches

$1,500.00 AUD

This blue green yellow and white abstract painting was inspired by The Great Barrier Reef, specifically the Coral Spawning, an incredible event which happens once a year. Painted by Australian artist Rebecca Coulter, its a beautifully detailed evocative artwork, a conversation piece that will bring a tranquil vibe to your home with its gorgeous underwater moonlit atmosphere. Shipping is free.

This painting is a quality artwork painted with artist grade acrylic paint on a stretched canvas frame. It's a big painting measuring 76 x 105 cms or or 30 x 41 inches, so it's perfect for over a bed, above your lounge, or a conversation starter near the dining table. It's varnished and ready to hang. 

How is a beautiful home created? By surrounding yourself with the things that make your heart sing. If this piece makes your heart sing then I made it for you. It's yours. Original Artworks are so much more than just a pretty picture because they reflect your individual taste and style. They were made for one person only. 

Coral Spawning is an annual event which occurs on the Great Barrier Reef after a full moon and only when the water temperature is perfect. Whilst I never start a painting with intention of what it will be, by the time the work is complete- there is a story and it's always about the sea. This painting is my interpretation of the story of the largest structure on Earth made by living organisms as it replicates itself once a year, at night in an underwater snowstorm of billions and billions of tiny particles. Like so much of nature it is a magical process. 

Because it's big, your beautiful new artwork will be arrive via Courier. Shipping is free. 

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